Standard Position Description Library

The Department of the Interior’s standardized position descriptions (SPDs) are designed to cover common work activities across the Bureaus. SPDs provide greater balance and equity between equivalent positions located in different bureaus. Use the list below to view approved SPDs.
Doc No. Occupational Series Occupation Title Grade
PB 20-10    
PB 21-06  


Establishment of Wage Grade Developmental Jobs in the Federal Wage System

Memo GS-0201 GS-05 thru GS-13
PB 16-12 GS-0306 Bureau Associate Privacy Officers GS-14/15
PB 20-05 GS-0340 GS-14/15
Memo GS-0455 GS-04 thru GS-09
Memo GS-0456 GS-03 thru GS-13
Memo GS-0462 GS-04 thru GS-09
PB 04-09 GS-0501/0510 SPDs for Nonsupervisory Accountants (GS-0510) and Financial Specialists (GS-0501) GS-05 thru GS-14
Memo GS-0501, 0510 GS-05 thru GS-14
Memo GS-0511 GS-07 thru GS-14
Memo GS-0802 GS-05 thru GS-11
Memo GS-0810 GS-05 thru GS-13
PB 17-01 GS-1102, 1105, 1106 GS-05 thru GS-13
Memo GS-1109 GS-07 thru GS-13
Memo GS-1315 GS-05 thru GS-13
Memo GS-1350 GS-05 thru GS-13
PB 20-04 GS-2210 GS-05 thru GS-13
PB 19-14 GS-2210 IT Systems Administration GS-09 thru GS-15
PB 19-03 GS-2210 Standardized PDs for IT Cybersecurity Specialists GS-09 thru GS-15
PB 17-05 GS-2210 Standardized Position Descriptions for Bureau Associate Chief Information Security Officers GS-15
PB 17-06    
DC00500 GS-0201 HR Specialist GS-05
DC00600 GS-0201 HR Specialist GS-07
DC00700 GS-0201 GS-09
DC00800 GS-0201 HR Specialist GS-11
DC00900 GS-0201 HR Specialist GS-12
DC01000 GS-0201 HR Specialist GS-13
DOII001 GS-0306 Government Information Specialist GS-14
DOII002 GS-0306 Supervisory Government Information Specialist GS-14
DOII003 GS-0306 Government Information Specialist GS-15
DOII004 GS-0306 Supervisory Government Information Specialist GS-15
DD00100 GS-0340 Program Manager GS-15
DD00200 GS-0340 Program Manager GS-14
DD00300 GS-0340 Program Manager GS-14
DE00000 GS-0455 GS-04
DE00100 GS-0455 GS-05
DE00200 GS-0455 Range Technician GS-06
DE00300 GS-0455 Range Technician GS-07
DE00400 GS-0455 Range Technician GS-08
DE00500 GS-0455 Range Technician GS-09
DE01100 GS-0462 Forestry Technician GS-04
DE01200 GS-0462 Forestry Technician GS-05
DE01300 GS-0462 Forestry Technician GS-06
DE01400 GS-0462 Forestry Technician GS-07
DE01500 GS-0462 Forestry Technician GS-08
DE01600 GS-0462 Forestry Technician GS-09
DF00100 GS-0501 GS-14
DF00200 GS-0501 GS-13
DF00300 GS-0501 GS-12
DF00400 GS-0501 GS-11
DF00500 GS-0501 GS-09
DF00600 GS-0501 GS-07
DF00700 GS-0501 GS-05
DF00800 GS-0501 GS-13
DF00900 GS-0501 GS-12
DF01000 GS-0501 GS-11
DF01100 GS-0501 GS-09
DF01200 GS-0510 GS-05
DF01300 GS-0510 GS-07
DF01400 GS-0510 GS-09
DF01500 GS-0510 GS-11
DF01600 GS-0510 GS-12
DF01700 GS-0510 GS-13
DF01800 GS-0510 GS-14
DF01900 GS-0511 Auditor GS-07
DF02000 GS-0511 Auditor GS-09
DF02100 GS-0511 Auditor GS-11
DF02200 GS-0511 Auditor GS-12
DF02300 GS-0511 Auditor GS-13
DF02400 GS-0511 Auditor GS-14
DI00600 GS-0802 GS-11
DI00700 GS-0802 GS-10
DI00800 GS-0802 GS-09
DI00900 GS-0802 GS-08
DI01000 GS-0802 GS-07
DI01100 GS-0802 GS-06
DI01200 GS-0802 GS-05
DI00000 GS-0810 GS-13
DI00100 GS-0810 GS-12
DI00200 GS-0810 GS-11
DI00300 GS-0810 GS-09
DI00400 GS-0810 GS-07
DI00500 GS-0810 GS-05
DOIA001 GS-1102 Contract Specialist GS-13
DOIA002 GS-1102 Contract Specialist GS-12
DOIA003 GS-1102 Contract Specialist GS-11
DOIA004 GS-1102 Contract Specialist GS-09
DOIA005 GS-1102 Contract Specialist GS-07
DOIA006 GS-1102 Contract Specialist GS-05
DOIA007 GS-1102 Contract Price/Cost Analyst GS-13
DOIA008 GS-1102 Procurement Analyst GS-13
DOIA009 GS-1102 Procurement Analyst GS-12
DOIA013 GS-1105 Purchasing Agent GS-05
DOIA012 GS-1105 Purchasing Agent GS-06
DOIA011 GS-1105 Purchasing Agent GS-07
DOIA010 GS-1105 Purchasing Agent GS-08
DOIA014 GS-1106 Procurement Technician GS-07
DOIA015 GS-1106 Procurement Technician GS-06
DOIA016 GS-1106 Procurement Technician GS-05
DL00000 GS-1109 GS-13
DL00100 GS-1109 GS-12
DL00200 GS-1109 GS-11
DL00300 GS-1109 GS-09
DL00400 GS-1109 GS-07
DN00100 GS-1313 PDF icon  Geophysicist GS-13
DN00200 GS-1313 PDF icon  Geophysicist GS-12
DN00300 GS-1313 PDF icon  Geophysicist GS-11
DN00400 GS-1313 PDF icon  Geophysicist GS-09
DN00500 GS-1313 PDF icon  Geophysicist GS-07
DN00600 GS-1313 PDF icon  Geophysicist GS-05
DN00000 GS-1315 GS-13
DN00700 GS-1315 GS-12
DN00800 GS-1315 GS-11
DN00900 GS-1315 GS-09
DN01000 GS-1315 GS-07
DN01100 GS-1315 GS-05
DN01200 GS-1350 GS-13
DN01300 GS-1350 GS-12
DN01400 GS-1350 GS-11
DN01500 GS-1350 GS-09
DN01600 GS-1350 GS-07
DN01700 GS-1350 GS-05
DV00000 GS-2151 PDF icon  Public Safety Dispatcher GS-05
DV00100 GS-2151 PDF icon  Public Safety Dispatcher GS-06
DV00200 GS-2151 PDF icon  Public Safety Dispatcher GS-07
DV00300 GS-2151 PDF icon  Public Safety Dispatcher GS-08
DW00000 GS-2210 Supv IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-13
DW00100 GS-2210 IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-13
DW00200 GS-2210 IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-12
DW00300 GS-2210 IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-11
DW00400 GS-2210 IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-09
DW00500 GS-2210 IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-07
DW00600 GS-2210 IT Spec (CustSpt) GS-05
DOII005 GS-2210 Nonsupervisory Information Technology Specialist (Security) GS-15
DOII006 GS-2210 Supervisory Information Technology Specialist (Security) GS-15
DOII007 GS-2210 Supervisory IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-15
DOII008 GS-2210 Supervisory IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-14
DOII009 GS-2210 IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-14
DOII010 GS-2210 IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-13
DOII011 GS-2210 IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-12
DOII012 GS-2210 IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-11
DOII013 GS-2210 IT Cybersecurity Specialist GS-09
DOII014 GS-2210 GS-14
DOII015 GS-2210 GS-15
DOII016 GS-2210 GS-14
DOII017 GS-2210 GS-13
DOII018 GS-2210 GS-12
DOII019 GS-2210 GS-11
DOII020 GS-2210 GS-09

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