Awards & Recognition

The Department of the Interior’s Awards and Recognition Program rewards employees for exceptional performance, exemplary work, and acts of bravery. Department Awards include:
  • Honor Awards
  • Monetary Awards
  • Performance-based Awards
  • Non-Monetary Awards
  • Other Department Awards
  • External Awards

Contact your Servicing Human Resources Office for more information about nominating an individual or questions about the awards program.


DOI Honor Awards Convocation

The 77th Honor Awards Convocation will be in May 2024. Contact your Servicing HR Office with questions about the Convocation or nominating procedures.

The 76th Honor Awards Convocation was held on September 8, 2022. View all recipients in the  2022 Convocation Program.

The Department's Honor Award is the most prestigious recognition that can be granted by the Department for career accomplishments, exceptional support of the Department’s mission, or heroism.  The following Honor Awards are presented during the annual Honor Awards Convocation:

  • Distinguished Service Award – The highest honorary recognition an employee can receive within DOI. It is granted for an outstanding contribution to science, outstanding skill or ability in the performance of duty, an outstanding contribution made during an eminent career in the Department, or any other exceptional contribution to the public service.
  • Valor Award – This award is presented to Interior employees who have demonstrated unusual courage involving a high degree of personal risk in the face of danger. The act of heroism is not required to be related to official duties or to have occurred at the official duty station.
  • Citizen’s Award for Bravery – This award is granted to private citizens for heroic acts or unusual bravery in the face of danger. Recipients have risked their lives to save the life of a Departmental employee or the lives of other individuals while on property owned by or entrusted to the DOI.
  • Safety and Health Award of Excellence & Aviation Safety Award – These awards recognize individuals or groups that have performed an outstanding service for or made a contribution of unusual value to the occupational safety and health of employees, visitors, and volunteers; and aircraft accident prevention.
  • Secretary's Diversity Award - This award recognizes and honors employees or groups of employees of the Department who have provided exemplary service and/or have made significant contributions to the Department in its efforts to increase diversity at all levels.
  • Environmental Achievement Award – These awards recognize Department employees and teams and DOI cooperators (contractors or outside partners) who have attained exceptional environmental achievements. Award winners in the following categories will be recognized during Convocation: Climate Champion, Greening the Fleet, Environmental Justice, and Cultural Resources Protection.

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