Council Members

Roles, Responsibilities and Membership Criteria

The Regional Advisory Councils provide advice and recommendations to the Federal Subsistence Board about subsistence hunting, trapping, and fishing issues on Federal public lands. Membership on the Councils is one way for the public to become involved in the Federal regulatory process. Each Council has either 10 or 13 members.

Regional Advisory Council members are appointed by the Secretaries of the Interior and of Agriculture, usually to three-year terms. The Councils meet at least twice a year, in Sep/Oct and Feb/Mar. While Council members are not paid for their volunteer service, their transportation and lodging are pre-paid and per diem is provided for food and other expenses under Federal travel guidelines.

Council Responsibilities

  • Review and make recommendations to the Federal Subsistence Board on proposals for regulations, policies, management plans, and other subsistence-related issues on Federal public lands within the region;
  • Develop proposals for the subsistence harvest of fish and wildlife; review proposals others submit;
  • Encourage and promote local participation in the decision-making process affecting subsistence harvests on Federal public lands;
  • Make recommendations on customary and traditional use determinations of subsistence resources; and,
  • Appoint members to National Park Subsistence Resource Commissions;
  • Provide open forum for public expression of opinions regarding any matter related to subsistence.

Membership Criteria

Who Qualifies?

  • RESIDENT of the region member represents
  • RESOURCE KNOWLEDGE – Knowledge of the region's fish and wildlife resources
  • SUBSISTENCE USES – Knowledge of the region's subsistence uses, customs, and traditions
  • OTHER USES – Knowledge of the region's sport, commercial, and other uses
  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS – Leadership and experience with local regional organizations
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Ability to communicate effectively
  • AVAILABILITY – Willingness to travel to attend two or more Council meetings each year (usually in October and February) and occasionally attend Federal Subsistence Board meetings.

Regional Council Member Appointment Process Overview

August - January  Application period open for Regional Advisory Councils.
February - April  Interagency Regional Nominations Panels conduct interviews and meet to rate and rank applicants.
June  Federal Subsistence Board reviews panel reports and develops recommendations.
September - December  Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture review recommendations and appoint members to the Regional Advisory Councils. Appointments are typically made by December 2 each year.


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