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Federal Subsistence Board Meeting Books are kept on our website for 10 years. If you require additional information dating past the 10 years please contact our office.

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 Federal Subsistence Board Meeting - Fisheries Temporary Special Action Request FSA23-01 Regarding Salmon Fisheries Closures on the Kanektok River
April 19, 2023
Meeting Materials

January 31- February 3: FSB Fisheries Regulatory Meeting

 Meeting Materials

Supplemental Material

June 22, 2022, 1PM - 3PM: WSA22-02 
WSA22-02 Analysis  

May 19, 2022, 2PM-3PM: FSA22-05

May 4, 2022, FSA22-01/02/03/04

April 12-15, 2022: Wildlife Regulatory Meeting
Supplemental Material

March 30, 2022, 1pm - 4pm: Temporary Wildlife Special Action Request WSA21-01 (Units 23 and 26A caribou and moose).


Final Staff Analysis Temporary Special Action WSA21-01a 

Final Staff Analysis Temporary Special Action WSA21-01b 

February 1-2, 2022 Work Session

Meeting Materials   Meeting Materials reduced size (for faster download)    
Fisheries Resource Monitoring Program 2022 Presentation   
Federal Subsistence Management Program Budget Overview Presentation

August 4-5, 2021 Work Session
PDF iconagendaPDF iconmeeting materialsPDF iconreduced file-size material 
Supplemental Materials: PDF icon2020 Annual Report Duplicate IssuesPDF icon2020 Annual Report Reply Followup

June 16, 2021 Teleconference on Temporary Wildlife Special Action Request WSA21-01 (Units 23 and 26A caribou and moose). PDF iconView Meeting AgendaPDF iconView Analysis

March 30, 2021 Teleconference on Emergency Wildlife Special Action WSA21-02

January 26-29, 2021 Fisheries Regulatory Meeting

August 4-5, 2020 Work Session 

Agendameeting materials / reduced size version of meeting materials for faster download.
Supplemental materials: Annual Report Reply Duplicate IssuesAnnual Report Reply Promises, Individual Customary and Traditional Use Determinations powerpoint presentation

July 16, 2020 - FSB Teleconference on Temporary Wildlife Special Action Requests WSA20-01 (Unit 13 Caribou), WSA20-02 (Unit 12 Caribou/Moose), WSA20-03 (Unit 13 Caribou/Moose), WSA20-04 (Mulchatna Caribou Herd) and Emergency Wildlife Special Action Request WSA20-05 (Unit 18 Moose)

AgendaWSA20-01WSA20-02WSA20-03WSA20-04, WSA20-05 

June 22, 2020 - Teleconference on Emergency Fisheries and Wildlife Special Action Requests FSA20-04 (Copper River salmon), FSA20-05 (Kuskokwim River salmon) and WSA19-14 (Unit 3 moose and deer).

AgendaFSA20-04FSA20-05WSA19-14 request letter.

May 1, 2020 - Teleconference on Temporary Fisheries Special Actions FSA20-01, FSA20-02, and FSA20-03

Fact sheet and staff analysis on FSA20-01, FSA20-02, and FSA20-03.  
Original requests: FSA20-01FSA20-02FSA20-03.
Letter to FSB re 2019 Kuskokwim Management Responses
Letter to FSB re 2020 Kuskokwim Management Responses
KRITFC Resolution/signature page

April 20-27, 2020 - Wildlife Regulatory Meeting

Meeting Materials Volume 1 (Consensus Agenda Proposals):
High resolution/slower downloadLow resolution/faster download
Meeting Materials Volume 2 (Non-Consensus Agenda Proposals and other materials):
High resolution/slower downloadLow resolution/faster download
Supplemental-1: Deferred Proposal WP18-19

January 28, 2020 - Work Session

Meeting agenda 
Meeting Materials

August 15 - 16, 2019 - Work Session

Meeting agenda
Meeting materialsreduced size meeting materials for faster download
Handout - Nonrural Determination Policy: General Process Timeline final edits

July 19, 2019 - Teleconference 

Teleconference Agenda
WSA19-03 (Unit 13 moose and caribou). Analysis/ISC recommendation.
WSA19-05 (Unimak Island caribou). Analysis/ISC recommendation.
WSA19-06 (Unit 20E, 25C, and 20F caribou). Analysis/ISC recommendation.

April 15-18, 2019 Fisheries Regulatory Meeting

     Supplemental Materials:

2018 November 6th Teleconference 

2018 August FSB Work Session

2018 May FSB Meeting (continuation of April meeting to complete non-regulatory items)

2018 April FSB Public Meeting Materials

2018 February FSB Work Session (rescheduled from previous January date)

AgendaMeeting MaterialsSection 3 additionSupplemental

2017 July FSB Work Session

AgendaMeeting MaterialsSupplemental Materials, Emergency Special Action FSA17-05 materials.

2017 January FSB Public Meeting Materials

January 13, 2017 DOI-Ahtna Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Meeting 

2016 July FSB Work Session Materials
2016 July FSB Work Session Agenda

2016 April FSB Public Meeting
WP16-15 (Supplemental) for for 2016 April FSB Public Meeting
WP16-21 (Supplemental) for 2016 April FSB Public Meeting
Western Arctic Caribou Herd (WACH) (Supplemental) for 2016 April FSB Public Meeting 
SRC Wildlife Proposal Comments (Supplemental) for 2016 April FSB Public Meeting
Wildlife Special Action WSA16-01 

2016 January FSB Work Session - FRMP
2016 January FSB Work Session - FRMP Supplemental Materials
2016 January FSB Work Session - Nonrural Determinations Timeline


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