Wildland Fire and Invasives

Over the past several years the number and size of invasive grass induced wildland fires have grown at an alarming rate.  It is now well established that there is a feedback mechanism between invasive species and fire. For example, in the West, this is primarily a function of fire-tolerant invasive grasses spreading into landscapes which were previously much less prone to burning; where native plants did not provide a continuous bed of fine fuels but non-natives do. Significant effort is being devoted to looking at the inter-relation of invasive species and wildland fire, including vegetation and weed management, post-fire recovery, and pinpointing high risk hotspots.

The NISC FY 2020 - FY 2022 Work Plans contain the following priority activity on the topic:

  • Invasive Species and Wildland Fire – Assessment: Assess options to advance landscape scale approaches to the management of invasive species and wildland fire.

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