Federal Survey of Hawaiian Home Lands - Waimānalo

A Federal Authority Boundary Survey Project to Protect the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust

Image of Map of HHL in Waimanalo

The Federal Authority Boundary Surveys began in Waimānalo in November 2021. This page provides information specific to the Waimānalo Survey Project, including maps of the boundaries being surveyed and the lots through which the land surveyors may need to access the boundaries to recover previously set markers or set new markers. Please visit the main Federal Survey of Hawaiian Home Lands page for background information, including its purpose and benefits. 

The Department of the Interior, through its Office of Native Hawaiian Relations (ONHR) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM), is conducting the boundary surveys in Waimānalo and has engaged the Red Plains Surveying Company which has a Certified Federal Surveyor (CFeds) and Dudek Hawai‘i as land surveying consultants.

The presentation below provides background information on the land surveying consultants and the boundaries and parcels of Waimānalo that will be affected by this survey project.

Federal Survey of Hawaiian Home Lands of Waimānalo Presentation

Right of Entry Authorized by the Hawaiian Homes Commission on October 18, 2021.

  • See interim Limited Right of Entry (effective 11/01/2021 through 12/02/2021)
  • 2nd interim Limited Right of Entry (effective 2/14/2022 through 3/28/2022)
  • Full Right of Entry to be posted after fully executed by all parties

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