Damage Assessment Trustees

Damage assessment cases are conducted by one or more of the five resource management bureaus within the Department: (Fish and Wildlife Service; Bureau of Land Management; National Park Service; Bureau of Indian Affairs; and Bureau of Reclamation). Economic analytical support is provided by the Office of Policy Analysis . Scientific / technical analysis and support is provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. Legal counsel is provided by the Office of the Solicitor. In nearly all cases, assessment activities are carried out in partnership with other affected federal, state, and/or tribal co-trustees. These partnerships have proven advantageous for all involved, as cooperation and consultation among the trustees facilitates addressing overlapping areas of trustee concern, and consolidates those concerns into a single case. Trustees can also share data, achieve economies of scale, avoid duplication of effort and minimize administrative burdens. Responsible parties also benefit, as they are able to address trustee concerns in a single, unified case.

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