Ratification of OHA Judges

Effective October 24, 2018, the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke ratified as his own under the Constitution the prior appointment of the following individuals to the position of Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Judge, or Indian Probate Judge, as appropriate, in the Office of Hearings and Appeals:

  • Robert S. Chester
  • James H. Heffernan
  • Harvey C. Sweitzer
  • James Yellowtail
  • Thomas Alan Blaser
  • Robert E. Hall
  • K. Jack Haugrud
  • James K. Jackson
  • Christina Kalavritinos
  • Silvia Riechel Idziorek
  • Amy B. Sosin
  • Mary P. Thorstenson
  • Mildred Leah Harjo-Ware
  • Albert C. Jones
  • John Rogers Payne
  • Thomas Kenneth Pfister
  • Janet Yazzie

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