NWCG Aviation Mishap Response Guide & Checklist


Interagency Aviation Mishap Response Guide & Checklist
NWCG Aviation Mishap
Response Guide & Checklist

This NWCG Aviation Mishap Response Guide & Checklist has been approved for use by both the OAS Chief of Aviation Safety and Program Evaluations and the USDA-FS Branch Chief, Aviation Safety Management System. You can order this document through the cache system (NFES 2659/PMS 503). You may also download and print this document.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: After you download the document you can tailor the plan to fit your organizational and local area needs by adding names and phone numbers. After printing you will be able to assemble the plan into the familiar layered NWCG Aviation Mishap Response Guide & Checklist format. We recommend you print Tabs A, B, C, D, and E (pages 3-7) on yellow or another bright colored paper to make those "immediate actions" stand out boldly.

WHAT THE CHECKLIST DOES FOR YOU: The checklist provides both immediate actions and general instructions to follow in the event of an aviation accident. It has intentionally been developed to be simple and generic. The "Aircraft Accident Report" consolidates the information required for missing aircraft, overdue missing, and accidents into a single form. We have made it generic to allow the widest possible use with a minimum of additional work.




NOTE: To order PMS or NFES Publications, please refer to the NWCG NFES Catalog PMS 449-2 Part 2: Publications

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Please contact the OAS Aviation Safety & Program Evaluations Division at 208-433-5070.

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