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To keep employees healthy and safe, the Department is maximizing telework flexibility and employing social distancing protocols.  As a result of these precautions, most employees are working remotely and unable to collect hard copy records located in government facilities at this time.  If your request is for hard copy records, the response to your request will very likely be delayed.    

In addition, employees may not receive FOIA requests that are sent by U.S. mail, overnight mail services, or facsimile in a timely manner.  We recommend, therefore, that requesters submit requests through FOIAonline, a secure, web-based tracking and case-management system, at https://www.foiaonline.govunless the requests are for the Office of Inspector General's records.  

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Records Relating to Specific Regions and Parks

Records related to Executive Order 13792 - Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act

  • Correspondence sent to or received from Congress regarding E.O. 13792 as of July 12, 2017

Bears Ears

  • Correspondence
  • Records related to the determination of a boundary for the Bears Ears National Monument or the Gold Butte National Monument pursuant to the Antiquities Act of 1906 (54 U.S.C. § 320301)

Big Bend National Park

  • Correspondence and documents related to the possibility of establishing an international park between Big Bend National Park and protected areas in Mexico

Eagle Mountain/Joshua Tree National Park (Utah)

  • Documents pertaining to Eagle Mountain and the possible modification of the boundaries Joshua Tree National Park.


  • Secretarial corresponence concerning the Everglades Forever Act amendment approved in 2003 by the state legislature (Florida Senate Bill 54A) and signed into law by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on June 10, 2003.
  • Electronic correspondence from Jan. 1, 2011, through Jan. 20, 2012, between Shannon A. Estenoz, director of the Office of
    Everglades Restoratioverglades restoratin at the DOI, and any member of the Everglades Foundation
  • Records relating to Director of Everglades Restoration Initiatives Shannon Estenoz, including financial disclosures, salary, reimbursements, and official travel

Grand Canyon National Park


Northern Marianas Islands (NMI)

Organ Mountains-Dersert Peaks National Monument (New Mexico)

  • Communications received by DOI relating to the Organ Mountains Monument Designation from January 20, 2017 to June 12, 2017

Point Reyes

U.S.-Mexico Border

  • Records from DOI that reference walls, barriers, and/or other physical constructions along the U.S.-Mexico border and/or U.S.-Canada border

U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Records related to funds allocated to the U.S. Virgin Island's Waste Management Authority (VIWMA)
    from 2005 to 2012 including descriptions of VIWMA expenditures
  • Records related to the Office of the Inpector General's 2011 evaluation report entitled "Administrative Functions of the Virgin Islands Government Employees Retirement System"

Security Assessments

Yellowstone Park, Grizzly Bears

Wisteria Island, a.k.a. Christmas Tree Island (Monroe County, Florida)

  • Letters addressed to the Secretary of the Department regarding Wisteria Island from January 20, 2017 to June 2, 2017

Gateway National Recreation Area, Canada Geese Removal

New Jersey Pinelands Commission

Otay Mountain Wilderness Border Fencing

St. Augustine Commission

Records on rulemaking for Procedures for Reestablishing a Formal Government-to-Government Relationship with the Native Hawaiian Community

All records related to the March 25, 2013 designation of five new national monuments

NOTE: If you need an accessible version of these records immediately, please contact William Holzerland, OS FOIA Officer, at 202-513-0765 or e-mail us.


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