Natural Resource Damage Assessment - Early Restoration


Since the April 2016 landmark settlment with BP, the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) Natural Resource Dmage Assessment (NRDA) Trustees have worked diligently to restore the Gulf of Mexico. Based on BP's commitment in 2011 to make $1 billion available before the settlement was reached, the Trustees began making early progress. making Through this Early Restoration effort, the Trusstees approved 65 projects with a combined estimated cost of $866 million. The Department of the Interior is the implementing trustee for nine of the approved early restoration projects.

Phase V Early Restoration

On September 16, 2019, the Florida Trustee Implementation Group (FL TIG) completed its final restoration plan for the Florida Coastal Access Project. The Phase V.3 Florida Coastal Access Project Final Restoration Plan and Supplemental Environmental Assessment includes acquisition of a coastal parcel of land, the Navarre Beach Marine Park Addition. This project will enhance the public’s access to the surrounding natural resources and increase recreational opportunities via acquisition of a privately-owned coastal parcel of land within the existing county park property.

The first phase of  the project, described in the Phase V Early Restoration Plan, included acquisition and/or enhancement of four coastal parcels, and the second phase, described in the Phase V.2 Restoration Plan, included acquisition and enhancement of recreational amenities at one coastal parcel in the Florida Panhandle. The Florida Coastal Access Project addresses a portion of the lost recreational use in Florida caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Phase I - II Early Restoration

Phase III Early Restoration

Phase IV Early Restoration


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