President Proposes $1 Billion for Department of the Interior Wildland Fire Management in Fiscal Year 2021

Last edited 6/7/2023

Contact: Amy Krause (202) 606-3447,

WASHINGTON – Today, President Trump requested $1 billion in appropriations for the Department of the Interior (DOI) Wildland Fire Management program. The proposal for FY 2021 continues the strategic approach to wildland fire management established by the President two years ago that promotes active vegetation management of DOI lands to improve conditions and reduce wildfire risk. Through active forest and rangeland management, and by allowing wildfires to play their natural role when possible, DOI protects people and communities and promotes resilient landscapes. Building on

, which call for the active management of America’s forests and rangelands to reduce wildfire risk and set specific targets for actions. In 2019, DOI exceeded all targets directed under the Executive Order and completed the action items called for in the Secretary’s Order that are intended to help the Department better understand and address wildfire risk. 

DOI also remains committed to its Tribal trust responsibilities. The FY 2021 Budget proposal maintains $10 million to continue the Reserved Treaty Rights Land program that supports landscape restoration and the management of Tribal resources, primarily through collaborative fuels management projects. This program, coupled with other funding, is essential to the economic and ecological sustainability of Tribal lands and forests.


DOI's Wildland Fire Management Program seeks to safely and effectively respond to wildfires, promote fire-adapted communities, and create fire-resilient landscapes through collaboration with Federal, local, State, and Tribal partners. Learn more at

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