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AVSO's Valuation Division is the hub of our world-class appraisal and valuation services. Our work is in rural and urban settings all over the country, including appraisals of buildings as well as land. Our highly qualified appraisal and minerals evaluation staff support the Department with its valuation needs in realty actions---on Federal and Indian lands.

To best manage workflows and support our clients, the Division aligns with a geographical regional structure---West, Central, and East Regions. Each region has an assigned regional director, responsible for overall management of the valuation programs in their respective region. 

Areas of Responsibility

  • Providing valuation services and completing special projects for the Department:
    • Appraisal reviews
    • Real property appraisals
    • Tribal trust property valuations
    • Minerals valuation and evaluation services through AVSO's Division of Minerals Evaluation
    • Quality control management
    • Consultation and outreach
  • Serving appointed client agencies outside of the Department
  • Approving valuation policy and guidance through AVSO's Technical Services Division
  • Delegating appraisal review and approval authority to the Chief Appraiser
  • Providing the Office of the Secretary FOIA Officer with valuation records
  • Supporting the Office of the Solicitor with responses to subpoenas or Touhy requests
  • Supporting the Department of Justice with valuation, records, or other information
  • Professional and apprentice staff development
  • Coordination with AVSO's Office of the Associate Deputy Director
  • Other duties prescribed by 112 DM 33, 212 DM 33, and 602 DM 1

Visit AVSO's Project Gallery for examples from our portfolio. 

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