Budget and Finance Management

The Budget and Finance Management functional area (B&F) handles the organization's daily budget and finance transactions. B&F staff provide expert technical oversight in managing appropriated and non-appropriated funds.

B&F is responsible for the following functional areas: 

Budget Formulation

At any time, B&F is coordinating three separate budgets: formulating for future years, executing the current year, and reconciling expenditures from the previous year.

This function also requires collaboration and coordination with the POB Office of the Secretary for budget submissions to Congress, answering OMB inquiries, and drafting narratives for the Green Book submission.

Through the budget formulation function, B&F ensures that AVSO stays in compliance with Federal appropriation laws.

Funds Coordination

Funds coordination focuses heavily on how AVSO resources are facilitated at a micro level within AVSO. AVSO’s resources include both appropriated and non-appropriated funds, with different AVSO divisions having multiple funding resources available. It is the responsibility of B&F to ensure funding is accessible, expenditures are trackable, and the proper funds are being used for appropriate expenditures.

This function ensures that AVSO is in compliance with the Antideficiency Act and expenditures are in accordance with federal regulations and laws.

Finance Administration

Finance administration ensures that AVSO non-appropriated funds are properly coordinated via Reimbursable Service Agreements (RSA) and Interagency Agreements (IAAs). Part of AVSO’s mission is to provide timely appraisal services for clients utilizing client bureau funds for special projects; B&F has to coordinate agreements for each special project before appraisal work may begin.  

Procurement Processing

This function involves the processing of purchase requisitions (PRs) and actions within the Financial Business Management System (FBMS). This is the system of record for all financial transactions throughout the Department of Interior (DOI). FBMS allows us to monitor, report, and track all transactions.

Travel Management

Travel management involves oversight of the travel function within AVSO. This oversight confirms that staff is properly spending funds and following federal regulations. AVSO is required to follow federal travel regulations and adhere to the DOI Travel Policy.

This function also includes the laws, regulations, and policy regarding the government charge card. AVSO staff must adhere to the proper guidance as outlined in the DOI Charge Card Program Policy.

B&F enables AVSO to achieve its mission by providing the support needed for effective funds management and overall fiscal stability.


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