The purpose of the weekly fisheries update is to provide the reader with an overall summary of the status of subsistence related fisheries throughout the state of Alaska.  The target audience is the Federal Subsistence Board and its Staff Committee.  The report was compiled with the assistance of the Federal in-season managers and OSM staff that provided weekly updated information by the close of business on Friday of the reporting week.  My goal is to have the report sent by the close of business the following Monday.  Web links have been included to provide additional information.  You may obtain additional information on a fishery of particular interest by contacting the in-season manager, provided contacts, follow the provided web links, or contact me.

George Pappas
(907) 317-2165


Sitka and Hoonah Area – Forest Service, Tongass National Forest

Position vacant – No reports expected for remainder of season.

Petersburg and Wrangell Area –Andrew Sanders, Forest Service, Tongass National Forest
Andrew Sanders, (907)772-3871
Reporting complete for season, please contact me if you have any questions. 

Juneau and Yakutat – Forest Service, Tongass National Forest
Jake Musslewhite, 907-789-6256

Reporting complete for season, please contact me if you have any questions. 

Prince of Wales and Ketchikan District area – TBA, Forest Service, Tongass National Forest. (907) 826-1649

USFS Weekly Summary Author position vacant - TBA. No reports expected this season or until alternate staffing arrangements are made.

Southeast Alaska Web Links

Tongass National Forest News Room

Federal Subsistence Fisheries Regulations for Southeastern Alaska Area

ADF&G Sport and Personal Use Fishing News Release and Emergency Order Link

ADF&G Commercial Fisheries News Release and Emergency Order Link

Weekly ADF&G Sport Fishing Reports for Southeast Alaska

Statewide ADF&G Fish counts


Copper River, 8/29/2022 Update – Dave Sarafin, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve (WRST), (907) 822-7281,

This is the last report for the 2022 season.  Please contact me as the above if you have questions.
With funding through the Fisheries Resource Monitoring Program (FRMP), WRST is now operating the Tanada Creek salmon weir located at Batzulnetas. This is the first year of operation since the 2018 season. Weir installation was completed on June 24. The first salmon was documented passing the weir on June 28. As of August 27, there have been 26,301 Sockeye Salmon and 11 Chinook Salmon recorded in passage for the season. The Sockeye Salmon count is now above the historical season count average of 17,520, with salmon continuing to pass the weir. The weir is scheduled to be removed during the week of September 19-23.

View Fisheries Updates No 14 August 22-28, 2022

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