Tribal Records Management

A sound records management program will contribute to the preservation of a tribe's contemporary cultural and governmental story. Culturally, Native American tribes practice recordkeeping. Images found painted on a tipi or buffalo hide, etched in pottery or stone, or in ancient tales passed down through oral tradition all help preserve ancestral customs.

OTR promotes records management to tribes and provides records management services and training upon request. OTR currently assists compact/contract tribes with records management. If a tribe does not currently practice records management, OTR will provide guidance and technical assistance to create a records management program.


Tribal Request to Research Records at AIRR (PDF)

Research Request Form (IARM Form 4001) (PDF)

AIRR Tribal Tour Request 

Federal Register Notice.pdf

OTR Regional Records Liaison Directory.pdf

2.4.3 Tribe-Corsortium Records Moves (PDF)


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