Painting entitled "Native American Church" by Stephen Mopope, Kiowa
Catawba Indian Traditions, Pottery and Beadwork

Catawba Indian Nation

2234 Indian Trail

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

Tel: (803) 366-3317

Artists/Owners: Monty "Hawk" Branham and Anna "Speakswell" Branham (Catawba)

Hours: 9am-5pm, Mon-Sat

Products: Traditional Catawba pottery and loom beading. Special orders accepted, no mail orders. Catawba traditions workshops. Call or write for more information.

Catawba Pottery by Cindy Allen

Artist (Catawba)

1815 Baskins Road

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

Tel: (803) 324-5088

By appointment.

Products: Traditional 19th century-style Catawba pottery, handbuilt of local clay and traditional firing methods. Call or write for details.

Creations from the Good Earth

2253 Indian Trail

Catawba Indian Nation

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

Tel: (803) 329-2707, Sun-Tues; (704) 788-4258, voice mail (leave message anytime)

Artist/Owner: M. Caroleen Sanders (Catawba)

By appointment.

Products: Catawba Indian ceremonial pottery with ancient Catawba designs and motifs, traditionally handbuilt and fired outdoors. Special orders, photos on request. Call or write for more information.

Eagle Feather Designs

5949 Festival Trail Road

Salley, South Carolina 29137

Tel: (803) 258-3887

Owner: Ronald K. Colombe (Sicangu Lakota)

Products: All types of Native American made arts, crafts, jewelry, and housewares.

Eaglestar Pottery and Authentics

Catawba Indian Reservation

1563 Tom Steven Road

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29703


Tel: (803) 324-0949

Jason R. Beck (Catawba Indian Nation)

Products: Traditional Catawba Indian pottery. Commissioned pieces. Catawba pipes, traditional regalia and Catawba pottery. Demonstrations and school programs.

Elk Eagle Originals

127 Laurens St., NW

Aiken, South Carolina 29801

Tel: (770) 365-3077

Owner: Ronald K. Colombe (Sicangu Lakota)


Products: Original bead and feather jewelry, pottery, feather fans, and wall art.

Lifeway Navajo Fiber Arts and Weaving

P.O. Box 7726

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 59572


Tel: (843) 957-1483

Artist/Owner: Elizabeth C. Robertson (Navajo)

Products: Handmade woven and fiber arts. Tapestries, purses, shawls, pouches, afghan blankets, and needle felted dolls. Variety of looms used, including: Navajo looms, heddle looms (for weaving cloth), triangular looms (for weaving shawls), inkle looms (for weaving belts and sashes), lap looms, tapestry looms, and weaving cards. Natural fibers, including churro and alpaca, are always used.

Robbins Family Pottery

1599 Hagler Drive

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

Tel: (803) 324-0204

Artists/Owners: Earl, Viola, and Margaret Robbins (Catawba)

Hours: 8am-5pm, Sun-Sat; call before 6pm

Products: Traditional Catawba pottery including wedding vases, pitchers, canoes, swans, snake pots, horse pots, headed bowls and vases, headed pipes, peace pipes and much more. Special orders accepted. Visitors welcome to see display in the pottery shop.

"Whispering Sage" Collection

2253 Indian Trail

Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

Tel: (803) 329-2707 or (704) 788-4258

Artist/Owner: Caroleen Sanders (Catawba Nation)

Products: A spiritual connection to an unbroken pre-Columbian tradition pottery by Caroleen with pride. The artisan is continuing the legacy of her people; using ancient techniques to retain the purity of the Art.

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