Painting "He Makes Me Dance with Arrows, He Calls the Bow My Father" by Sherman Chaddlesone, Kiowa
Choctaw Museum of the Southern Indian Gift Shop

P.O. Box 6010

Choctaw, Mississippi 39350

(5 mi west of Philadelphia on Hwy 16 West)

Tel: (601) 650-1685; (tribal enterprise)

Hours: 8am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri; Closed Federal Holidays

Products: Basketry of river cane, white oak; beadwork jewelry, combs, key rings, toothpick holders, salt & pepper shakers; moccasins; traditional Choctaw dresses and shirts by special order; Choctaw boy and girl dolls; quilts; pottery; stickball rackets and balls; blowguns; rabbit sticks. Special orders accepted. Mail order, retail. Send stamped self-addressed business-size envelope for price list.


Grammy Mo's Inc.

P.O. Box 7524

Gulfport, Mississippi 39506-7524

Artist/Owner: Captain Dan G. Romano (Mohegan)

Email: mohegan1@msn.com

Products:  Hand-crafted baskets with custom markings, unique to each customer, a signed description letter included.  Special orders accepted; no mail order.  Write or e-mail for further information.

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