A man in red jacket with arms raised in triumph standing on a cliff with mountains in the distance

Great American Outdoors Act by the Numbers

Statistics below reflect funded projects from Fiscal Years (FYs) 2021-2023. This page will be continually updated with new statistics as additional projects are funded.

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Red Tent in a Forest with Sun peaking through pine trees and water and mountains in background
A green tile displaying text that reads 17,000+ Jobs Supported per year on average
A person in a kayak in blue water holding a yellow double-sided paddle and looking out onto mountains and pine trees
A green tile displaying the words 185 visitor-facing projects


A green tile displaying 2,300 students in improved BIE-funded schools
A child wearing a yellow hat and holding a birding book, looks up toward the sky with binoculars. Sky and trees in background.
A green tile displaying $3.4 Billion in Estimated Deferred Maintenance Addressed
A group of three men wearing blue shirts and white hard hats looking at a paper. One man is pointing to something on the paper. Blue sky in the background.


A close-up picture of a small black or brown bear looking toward the camera. Greenery in the foreground and background.
A green tile displaying 46 projects to improve trails and campgrounds
A hiker walks away from the camera wearing dark pants and a green jacket and carrying a large gray backpack. Hiker walks along a path toward grass and shrubbery with large mountain range and pink sunset sky in background.
A green tile displaying text that reads $1.8 Billion Contributed to GDP per year on average





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