Who We Are

The ACCESS Center (formerly the Assisted Technology Center or ATC) is a resource center that offers consultation, information, advice and demonstration of assistive technology, safety, and accommodation solutions to increase workplace accessibility and safety for all employees.

The Department of the Interior is committed to building a 21st century workforce, which is inclusive and provides opportunities to all segments of society. Building such a workforce cannot be accomplished solely by increasing employment of people with disabilities – the effort must include building a culture that respects, understands and accepts a diverse workforce, which includes individuals with disabilities. As such, the ACCESS Center promotes accessibility in the workplace for everyone.

The ACCESS Center services include:

  • Assistance with accommodation requests
  • Maintaining partnerships that enhance employee access to accommodation solutions
  • Increasing organizational awareness of accommodation services for employees
  • Demonstrate accessibility solutions
  • Scooter loan program for employees in the Main Interior Building

The ACCESS Center is a collaborative venture between the Office of Human Capital (OHC), Office of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), the Office of Diversity, Inclusive and Civil Rights (ODICR), and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) focused on increasing awareness and improving business practices to foster inclusivity through an accessible and safe work environment.

Inclusion through Accessibility

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